Digital Marketing – from Clovis Points to Loyalty Points

Kev camera crop for blogSince the dawn of recorded history notwithstanding human events beforehand, people have needed to exchange goods and services, thoughts and ideas relevant to their respective concepts in all stages of human history. As hunter gatherers we may have required the help of another member of our tribe who could carve a spearhead better than others and so increase our food supply. In return we would help that other person by sharing tasks and thereby giving that person extra available time to further improve their own skills. Collaborations like these would create intellectual interactivity due to the various problems and challenges that would result. Spearheads, hand axes and cutting tools were extremely valuable to early tool making hominids. The creation of a stone spearhead required a level of skill that took years to master. A tool needed to be chipped carefully to achieve a mathematical balance on all sides of the tool so that it could be used accurately without being unwieldy.

The early Clovis people are recognised for their advanced skills regarding stone tools and ensured their survival through this endeavour coupled with their sharing of techniques with other tribes that they encountered. Through human history the sharing of ideas and skills has resulted in the advanced technological society that we live in today. The unintentionally mathematically correct utilisation of a stone tool is mirrored in the modern use of numbers that govern every aspect of our daily lives. We strive for balance and the further acquisition of revenue that permeates the fabric of every society. In the digital age, local and international business is rarely carried out without even the basic usage of computers or some kind of electronic connection. It seems that similar to the Clovis people we are naturally inclined to strive for better and more efficient tools to achieve our goals. In recent years our habits for acquiring goods has changed dramatically. Within less than two decades, shopping for food and other items such as clothes and various hardware of all descriptions, which was previously achieved by entering a physical shop or store is now achievable by entering a virtual shop via the internet.

The internet which allows for transactions and communications to be carried out on an immediate and worldwide scale is said to be evolving at an unprecedented rate. Almost every day a method of communication on the internet is improved or updated to be more efficient. Advertisers and major online retailers together with social media sites are continually telling us that they have improved their mode of operation and that it is better than it ever was. This may be true, but many of the advances in digital communications have stayed static because a method had been discovered which works well and does not need to be improved. Online retailers will show a listing of their products and a customer will choose items and then buy them. This worked thousands of years ago too using the same basic model of choosing and buying (or bartering) and hasn’t changed. What has changed is the ease of acquisition of goods both in a retailer providing a better shopping experience both offline and online.

Marketing of products and services is continually changing as it tries to keep up with evolving buying habits. Digital marketing needs to do this also as technological advances change how customers acquire goods and services. Methods that have been relied upon this week can change the next week. Marketing practices have needed to include psychological methods to better entice customers such as the particular arrangement of products to the colours of the shelves in a shop or layout of an online retail website. We can now communicate with people from around the world instead of just our immediate neighbour about how we can acquire better goods or skills to make our lives easier. Digital marketing will always therefore be evolving at an exponential rate due to the addition of human needs in tandem with technological advances. The only aspect that will stay the same is the basic method of delivery which is presentation and choice. Similar to the Clovis people who are so named from the stone tools discovered in Clovis, New Mexico the tools being called ‘Clovis points’ they discovered a method that would bring them all the necessary goods for their continued existence and didn’t need to improve them until something completely different was discovered. Digital marketing has its own Clovis point, it is the internet, which at present is becoming our main method to satisfy most of our worldly needs. The internet may become carved in different ways to improve on a basic design as the years pass by, but when we discover a new and better method will we need to start again? The answer is that we surely will start again and chip away at our new discovery and likely we will all share the old but new lessons.

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